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Please read this Privacy Policy carefully before using this Website.

The  Website  and  its  Content  is  owned  by  Ashley Samadani, LLC.

(“Company”,“we”,   or   “us”). The term “you” refers to the user or viewer of (“Website”).

Please  read  this  Privacy  Policy  carefully.  We  reserve  the  right  to  change  this

Privacy Policy on the Website at any time without notice. Use of any information

or contribution that you provide to us, or which is collected by us on or through

our Website or its Content is governed by this Privacy Policy. By using our Website

or its Content, you consent to this Privacy Policy, whether or not you have read

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Submission, Storage and Sharing of Personal Data

To  use  our  Website  or  its  Content,  we  may  seek  personal  data  including  your

name,  e-mail  address,  street  address,  city,  state,  billing  information,  or  other

personally identifying information (“Confidential Information”), or you may offer

or provide a comment, photo, image, video or any other submission to us when

visiting or interacting with our Website and its Content (“Other Information”).

By providing such Confidential Information or Other Information to us, you grant us

permission to use and store such information. 

Your Confidential Information is stored through by us internally or through a data

management  system.  Your  Confidential  Information  will  only  be  accessed  by

those  who  help  to  obtain,  manage  or  store  that  Information,  or  who  have  a

legitimate need to know such Confidential Information.

There  may  be  an  occasion  where  we  may  ask  for  demographic  information

such  as  gender  or  age,  but  if  you  choose  not  to  provide  such  data  and

information,  you  may  still  use  the  Website  and  its  Content,  but  you  may  not  be

able to use those services where demographic information may be required.


We aim to keep the Confidential Information that you share with us confidential.

Please note that we may disclose such Confidential Information if required to do

so by law or in the good-faith belief that: (1) such action is necessary to protect

and defend our rights or property or those of our users or licensees, (2) to act as

immediately  necessary  in  order  to  protect  the  personal  safety  or  rights  of  our

users  or  the  public,  or  (3)  to  investigate  or  respond  to  any  real  or  perceived

violation of this Privacy Policy or of our Disclaimer, Terms and Conditions, or any

other terms of use or agreement with us.

Viewing by Others 

Note that whenever you voluntarily make your Confidential Information or Other

Information  available  for  viewing  by  others  online  through  this  Website  or  its

Content,  it  may  be  seen,  collected  and  used  by  others,  and  therefore,  we

cannot be responsible for any unauthorized or improper use of the Confidential

Information or Other Information that you voluntarily share.


To use certain features of the Website or its Content, you may need a username

and  password.  You  are  responsible  for  maintaining  the  confidentiality  of  the

username  and  password,  and  you  are  responsible  for  all  activities,  whether  by

you  or  by  others,  that  occur  under  your  username  or  password  and  within  your

account.  You  agree  to  notify  us  immediately  of  any  unauthorized  or  improper

use  of  your  username  or  password  or  any  other  breach  of  security.  To  help

protect against unauthorized or improper use, make sure that you log out at the

end of each session requiring your username and password. 

It  is  your  responsibility  to  protect  your  own  username  and  password  from

disclosure  to  others.

We  cannot  and  will  not  be  liable  for  any  loss  or  damage

arising   from   your   failure   to   protect   your   username,   password   or   account


 If  you  share  your  username  or  password  with  others,  they  may  be

able to obtain access to your personal information at your own risk. 

By  using  our  Website  and  its  Content  you  agree  to  enter  true  and  accurate

information on the Website and its Content. If you enter a bogus email address

we have the right to immediately inactivate your account.

We will use our best efforts to keep your username and password(s) private and

will  not  otherwise  share  your  password(s)  without  your  consent,  except  as

necessary when the law requires it or in the good faith belief that such action is

necessary, particularly when disclosure is necessary to identify, contact or bring

legal action against someone who may be causing injury to others or interfering

with our rights or property.


You  may  unsubscribe  to  our  e-newsletters  or  updates  at  any  time  through  the

unsubscribe link at the footer of all e-mail communications.

We  manage  e-mail  lists  through  a  list  management  system.  Unsubscribing  from

one  list  managed  by  us  will  not  necessarily  remove  you  from  all  publication

email  lists.  If  you  have  questions  or  are  experiencing  problems  unsubscribing,

please contact us at

Anti-Spam Policy

We  have  a  no  spam  policy  and  provide  you  with  the  ability  to  opt-out  of  our

communications by selecting the unsubscribe link at the footer of all e-mails. We

have taken the necessary steps to ensure that we are compliant with the CAN-

SPAM Act of 2003 by never sending out misleading information. We will not sell,

rent or share your email address.

Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act Compliance

We  do  not  collect  any  information  from  anyone  under  13  years  of  age  in

compliance  with  COPPA  (Children’s  Online  Privacy  Protection  Act),  and  our

Website and its Content is directed to individuals who are at least 13 years old or


Anonymous Data Collection and Use

To  maintain  our  Website’s  high  quality,  we  may  use  your  IP  address  to  help

diagnose problems with our server and to administer the Website by identifying

which  areas  of  the  Website  are  most  heavily  used,  and  to  display  content

according  to  your  preferences.  Your  IP  address  is  the  number  assigned  to

computers  connected  to  the  Internet.  This  is  essentially  “traffic  data”  which

cannot personally identify you, but is helpful to us for marketing purposes and for

improving  our  services.  Traffic  data  collection  does  not  follow  a  user’s  activities

on any other Websites in any way. Anonymous traffic data may also be shared

with business partners and advertisers on an aggregate basis.

Use of “Cookies” 

We  may  use  the  standard  “cookies”  feature  of  major  web  browsers.  We  do  not

set  any  personally  identifiable  information  in  cookies,  nor  do  we  employ  any

data-capture mechanisms on our Website other than cookies. You may choose

to disable cookies through your own web browser’s settings. However, disabling

this  function  may  diminish  your  experience  on  the  Website  and  some  features

may   not   work   as   intended.   We   have   no   access   to   or   control   over   any

information collected by other individuals, companies or entities whose website

or materials may be linked to our Website or its Content.

Privacy Policies of Other Websites

We  have  no  responsibility  or  liability  for  the  content  and  activities  of  any  other

individual,  company  or  entity  whose  website  or  materials  may  be  linked  to  our

Website or its Content, and thus we cannot be held liable for the privacy of the

information  on  their  website  or  that  you  voluntarily  share  with  their  website.

Please  review  their  privacy  policies  for  guidelines  as  to  how  they  respectively

store,  use  and  protect  the  privacy  of  your  Confidential  Information  and  Other


Assignment of Rights

In the event of an assignment, sale, joint venture, or other transfer of some or all

of  our  assets,  you  agree  we  can  assign,  sell,  license  or  transfer  any  information

that you have provided to us. Please note, however, that any purchasing party is

prohibited   from   using   the   Confidential   Information   or   Other   Information

submitted   to   us   under   this   Privacy   Policy   in   a   manner   that   is   materially

inconsistent with this Privacy Policy without your prior consent.

Notification of Changes

We may use your contact information to inform you of changes to the Website

or its Content, or, if requested, to send you additional information about us. We

reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to change, modify or otherwise alter our

Website,  its  Content  and  this  Privacy  Policy  at  any  time.  Such  changes  and/or

modifications  shall  become  effective  immediately  upon  posting  our  updated

Privacy  Policy.    Please  review  this  Privacy  Policy  periodically.  Continued  use  of

any  of  information  obtained  through  or  on  the  Website  or  its  Content  following

the  posting  of  changes  and/or  modifications  constitutes  acceptance  of  the

revised Privacy Policy.

If  you  have  any  questions  about  this  Privacy  Policy,  please  contact  us  at

Last Updated:  06/2021