A few questions for you before we get down to the click by click of how to create a Digital Vision Board…

What do you want to do in life this year? What do you want to have? Who do you want to be? What impact do you want to make?

These are all questions to spend time thinking and praying about before sitting down to create a vision board for your year.


A vision board is something you create to help you keep focused on your goals.

You can display images of people, places, things and words that represent what you want for yourself or want to happen in your life. 

Visualization is SUPER duper powerful in making your goals reality, and a vision board gives you a daily visual reminder of what you’ve chosen to put your focus on. Plus, they’re really fun to make!


The simple answer here is whatever you want! The best thing about vision boards is they are unique to you and your goals. 

You want it to be somewhere you can see it everyday…which is why I love the digital format!!


As craft-challenged individual, I don’t enjoy the idea rummaging through old magazines to clip and craft a vision board masterpiece.

I prefer using Canva.com for mine and creating a digital one (then making it my computer’s screensaver!!!)

The great thing about having your vision board in this format is that you can adjust as your vision changes.

You can also make a copy of the page and update it each year to see how much has changed & as your vision expands! I go through this step by step in the tutorial linked below.

If it’s not on my board, I’m not putting focus on it in 2020:


  1. Create an account in Canva
  2. Open Canva and choose create desktop wallpaper & give it a title (maybe your word of the year)
  3. Choose Desktop documents or images/words from Canva, Pinterest, Google that represent your desires and goals for the year.
  4. Fill up your collage with the images you downloaded, or elements from Canva.
  5. Make it your desktop by downloading it to your computer.
  6. You can also print it out and hang it in a prominent place like where you get ready in the morning!

Watch this video and let’s walk through the entire process together!!

Rooting for your success, impact & happiness in 2020!

– Ashley Samadani

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