Welcome to my little corner of the internet! I'm Ashley Samadani, and I'm passionate about working with message-driven female online entrepreneurs to  build discoverable personal brands that generate the impact + income they were made for!

Although I loved my 13+ year career as a middle school Special Education Teacher turned School District Administrator, after having my daughter (Taylor), let me just tell you that EVERYTHING changed...

I realized I wanted to be 100% available for my family, AND to a have an impactful career - the best of both worlds

I found a way to hold my "baby" AND my ambition as a Mompreneur - building & showing others how to build multiple streams of income online through my exclusive Influence, Impact & Income Framework!

I've been a Blogger (Taylor-mademama.com)/Influencer on social media for 4+ years. I went from legit ZERO to an engaged following of 50,000+ across my channels, and multiple six figures in online affiliate sales through my blog and social media.

A year into building my brand online, I added network marketing as a complementary asset and additional stream of income, and within two years  became a top 1% leader - all while growing my personal brand and coaching/online course creation business.

How, you ask?

Building message-driven + searchable influence through my exclusive III Framework, and investing in personal development, mentorship + training !!! A lot of what I teach in my free Facebook group and paid membership community (Intentional Influencer Society) so that the women I work with can build the same!

Have you joined Ashley's FREE Facebook Community for Multi-passionate Female Online Entrepreneurs?

  • You want MORE automation, leads, high-quality business partners/clients coming to YOU, time freedom, community with like-minded rockstars ready to ELEVATE to that next level, & ability to make the impact you know you’re called to!!
  • You want to be a true authentic influencer, not a billboard for any one company or product.

  • You want LESS feeling stuck, getting rejected, wastes of time/money, burn out, and worrying you’ll never experience the success you desire in your online business.

  • You want to create a stand-out, MAGNETIC personal brand that isn't JUST about network marketing but that will build the influence REQUIRED to be successful in it..

  • You believe in the power of creating MULTIPLE streams of income and impact through the message on your heart + YOUR brand.

  • You're multi-passionate. You refuse to have all your entrepreneurial eggs in one basket.
  • You've started or thought about starting a blog/brand, but you're not sure how to monetize it or incorporate your network marketing business within it authentically, or vice versa...so many moving pieces, yet you've seen others do it so you know it's possible...

Well,  I have a group designed for YOU!!!

I’m teaching the mindset and skillsets to the success I’ve created so far in the online space as a Blogger/Influencer AND Top 1% NWM leader within my company, & sharing what I learn along the way.

Ready to take things to the next level with your brand?

Join our Facebook Community - ELEVATE ACADEMY - and get instant access to a VAULT of training (20+ hours!!) - I go live every Tuesday!

Ashley is a dynamic, multi-faceted leader. Her determination, creativity, and knowledge of marketing gives her a competitive advantage to excel within the network marketing profession. I have watched her mentor numerous inexperienced women and turn them into powerful influencers. She has done this by creating a fail proof system, generously sharing her marketing genius, and by coaching people to reach their full potential. There is no failing if you’re on her team and anyone who gets the pleasure to work with her is blessed beyond measure! 


-Heather Shriver Burns

had my 1st coaching session with Ashley and it was Ah Maze ING!!!! She totally took her time and analyzed what my strategy should be as far as my social media presence and here on FB! What I love about Ashley is that she is REAL - no hoaxes, no gimmicks, just an honest, caring, professional individual.

I am SO blessed to have crossed paths with her and can't wait to see what her suggestions are going to do for my business. I have been here at Elevate Academy since the beginning and have implemented all her suggestions and I am just SO thrilled with my success.

Being a mom of 7 kids I always wanted to be able to stay home AND make an income!!! With Elevate Academy and Ashley's private coaching I can do both while authentically serving others, which I find TOTALLY fulfilling!!!

I pop up out of bed at 5 am every morning just so excited about the coming day!!! Don't get me wrong, having and growing a business IS NOT EASY and it requires serious commitment but if you follow Ashley's suggestions you will be able to show up in an authentic way and build something that lasts for not only you but for your family!!!


-Jennifer L.

Ashley Samadani is first class. She is kind, loving, loyal and hardworking. Ashley is a servant leader. She is talented, vibrant and bright. She has a proven background and track record of repeated success in the industry. Her ability to take people with or without experience and lead them to whatever success they are looking for is just a part of her unique talents.


- Nicole Morton

Working with Ashley has been such a game-changer! Not only does she have the success and proven systems to teach and share, but she is also extremely organized, thoughtful, detailed, punctual, efficient, and has OVER-delivered in every session!

I have walked away feeling more and more confident about my business and the direction in which I am going! The thing I am most impressed about Ashley is her willingness to abundantly share!

From all of her strategies to tips and tricks to her perspective and insight, she is the REAL DEAL, and I HIGHLY recommend Ashley for coaching!


- Katie S.

Ashley and her coaching are a GIFT! Near the end of last year I was searching for someone or something to help me take my business to the next level. Huge change was needed but I didn’t know how to navigate that.

After some time observing her I knew she was the one and boy was I right! She has met my expectations beyond what I could have ever imagined.

She’s given immense clarity to what needed to be done through her systems, organizational skills, and efficiencies. Using her services truly is allowing me to create the impact with income that my heart has been desiring.

If you’ve been considering a coach who has a heart aligned with serving you she is your girl! A true blessing all the way around!!

- Laura Bermudez

If you’ve ever hesitated to have a coaching call, or who to have it with, Ashley is your girl. I was unbelievably overwhelmed with my business and needed help clarifying what I needed to EXACTLY do to reach my goals.

Ashley not only simplified everything, but she also came up with an action plan on what I need to be doing to reach my goals. She doesn’t beat around the bush, she only tells you what works.

After our call, I FINALLY (after years) have clarity in which direction I need to go and couldn’t be more excited for the future.

- Jessica W.

I joined Ashley's team because I had the pleasure of knowing/working with her from a previous company and was super impressed (yet not surprised at all) at how quickly she succeeded there. So when I heard she was switching over to a new company I knew this new place must be something REALLY special in order for her to leave what she had already built!! I absolutely trusted that gut feeling I had to sign on with her 100% and couldn't be happier that I did!! Ashley is so inspiring and continues to motivate our entire team on a daily basis. Her excellent leadership skills and continued trainings have far surpassed my expectations. I have learned more from working along side her in this business than I have in any other job. She continues to share with us duplicatable systems and what has worked for her in the past to help grow our businesses. On her team we are all equals and celebrate everyone's successes no matter how big or how small. She truly cares about her team from the bottom of her heart and she is not only an amazing business partner but a true friend that I will have for a lifetime!! She is truly one in a million and I feel like I have hit the jackpot getting to work with Ashley as my upline!!!!! Oh, one last thing..she makes working this biz SO MUCH FUN!! And if you're not having fun in what you're doing, then why are you even doing it?!

-Lindsay Roggenbuck

I first met Ashley in October 2018, when I joined her network marketing team. Her leadership since then has been nothing short of top notch. She's organized, reliable, positive, empowering, funny, relatable and motivating. Her creativity and ability to motivate each of her teammates on an individual level blows my mind. I think the #1 quality Ashley possesses as a leader is that she leads by example. I want to follow her because I know she wouldn't ask me to do anything she hasn't already done or isn't already doing herself. I've learned so much from her and can't wait to use all those lessons and apply them to leading my own team!!

- Mollie Lingo

Joining Ashley was not really on my list of things to do, but when I reached out and she showed me what it was that she was up to, I just KNEW I had to be apart of it. Ashley and I had been working alongside each other for a while in the blogging space, so I already knew that she was a hard working and dedicated business owner.

Once I partnered together with her, I realized that she is even more amazing as a friend, mentor, and leader than I ever could have known. The culture she has created for her team is incomparable and not duplicatable (like our systems are.) Whatever my goals are, she helps me get there and she cares about me as a person, which is not how a lot of leaders are.

I am so honored and blessed to be apart of her amazing team!

- Jody Katter

I feel as if I hit the jackpot when I decided to finally reach out and ask her THAT question! “Okay, so what is it that you do?”

I consider myself as someone who hits the ground running on anything new but she made it SO easy to succeed! She has a desirable work ethic, carries herself professionally and is so organized and clean in everything she does. THIS is what I strive to be! The icing on the cake is her willingness to take those who are interested to the top with her!

Ashley has been an absolute blessing in my life! It’s hard for me to refer to her as my “upline” because she's more of a sister.

- Meggan Orduno

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